Frequently asked questions

Product Information

Send an e-mail with your invoice, the order date and the guarantee certificate to Add some photos where the product with the abnormality can be seen and clearly describe the abnormality.  
When the conditions are met, the damaged product will be replaced by Collstrop. This means that the necessary pieces will be delivered free of charge to the distributor or contractor.

The warranty period on your product commences upon receipt of your purchase invoice.

Warranty conditions:

  • The product falls under the warranty;
  • The product is affected by: wood rot, fungi or insects;
  • You received a guarantee certificate with your carport/pool house/Modu; 
    Depending on the wood type and processing, the warranty period will differ.
  • You receive a product with a Collstrop seal. The seal has a unique letter code that shows the year of purchase and is the proof of a genuine Collstrop product.

Simply submerging wood in a green bath does not give wood any lasting protection. Collstrop impregnates in its own accredited soaking stations under vacuum pressure until the wood is completely saturated with environmentally responsible preservation product. All our impregnated products bear the CTB B+ quality label. The green impregnation ensures that the wood will turn salt green after treatment. Over time, under the influence of the weather conditions, the wood will take on a more natural colour. With tanwood impregnation, a brown-red colour is added; this gives the treated wood a more natural and even somewhat hardwood appearance. This colour also fades under the influence of the weather conditions.The effect on durability and protection of the wood type is the same for both processes.

LSQ stands for long-standing quality. It is a treatment with an additive that is added to the impregnation process to reduce moisture absorption. This makes the wood swell or shrink to a lesser degree. It is mainly used for terrace decking where water can stand.