The baroma, a multifunctional vertical garden

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Thanks to the Baroma, you can enjoy greenery in your back or front garden without giving up too much space. This green garden wall offers you the ability to grow vegetables or herbs that you can use for cooking.

No green thumb? Then choose a fun combination of fresh-scented flowers.
You will be guaranteed peace of mind when you smell your favourite plants.

Choose the right plants for your green garden wall

It is very important to choose suitable plants and/or herbs for your garden screen. It helps to first place the Baroma in the correct location in your back or front garden or on your balcony. See what the conditions there are. Is there a lot of sunlight there, or is it rather limited?

Based on this, you can choose plants that love those conditions. In any case, always place the herbs and/or plants that love a good dose of sunlight at the top. Place the herbs that need less sunlight at the bottom.

A vegetable garden and privacy wall in one

The advantage of the Baroma XL is that you can place it against a facade but also use it as privacy garden enclosure. Place it in a free space attached to two poles to avoid peeking neighbours.
Convenient and aesthetic!

The Baroma has eight flower and herb containers with matching perforated plant bags. That gives you the space to choose diverse herbs and plants. 

Baroma XL dimensions: 176 cm x 176 cm
Type of wood: Impregnated pine - Tanwood
Warranty: 25 years

Tip: 47 kg of potting soil is sufficient for the Baroma XL.
Pro tip: For an extra-wide vertical garden, place 2 Baromas next to each other.

A green city garden

The Baroma XS was developed with a view to the city garden and the increasing popularity of the facade garden. This long but narrow model fits perfectly on your facade next to the door, on the balcony or in a small garden. There are three flower and herb boxes with matching perforated plant bags. Combine flowers with various colours, choose a wild variety with ivy, or go for a pleasant fragrance with basil and lavender.

Baroma XS dimensions: 176 cm x 61 cm
Type of wood: Impregnated pine wood - Tanwood
Warranty: 25 years

Tip: 17 kg of potting soil is sufficient for the Baroma XS.

Easy placement

The Baroma is fully assembled and very easy to install. If you opt for installation against an existing wall or facade, simply attach the Baroma to the wall with a few screws. If you use the garden wall as a green privacy barrier, attach it to two wooden poles that are at least 60 cm deep, using the v-fittings. Fast and easy!

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