Maintenance of wooden terraces

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Terrace decking in impregnated red Nordic pine or hardwoods such as padauk and ipe with durability class 1 require no special treatment after installation to ensure the lifespan. A good choice of wood actually saves a lot of work later.

Delaying natural aging

Tropical hardwood ages relatively quickly under the influence of UV light. If you want to keep the original colour longer, you should protect the wood with a special protective agent. This treatment is best repeated regularly. The regularity depends on the course, the exposure to UV light...

With Collstrop, you can achieve this result with the Special Colour maintenance product.

Directions for use:
Use suitable gloves for repeated and/or prolonged contact.
Put down 2 layers for a first treatment.
For maintenance, applying 1 layer is sufficient.

Drying time:
Your floor will be dry after 2 to 3 hours.

Keeping a wooden terrace free of moss

Like terraces in other materials, wooden terraces can become dirty or be subject to moss formation. This often occurs with terraces in shaded areas. For a thorough cleaning of the wooden terrace, you can sand with Collstrop All Cleaner or with a mixture of water, bleach and salt. That will also ensure that your terrace does not get slippery.

Ratio of this 'miracle solution':
- 10 litres water
- 1 litre bleach
- 1 kg salt

Try to keep your terrace as tidy as possible to prevent moss formation. From time to time, sweep away the dust and dried leaves.

Avoid using:

A high pressure cleaner

The ideal way to clean a terrace is with a hard brush and the right maintenance product. Avoid using a high-pressure washer. This often causes the wood fibres to come off your decking, and there is irreparable damage. Once there is damage to your wood structure, moss formation will increase.

If you nonetheless want to use a high-pressure cleaner, make sure that the jet is not too powerful.
Direct the beam for about the same time and at the same height for all parts of the terrace. Otherwise, you can get light and dark spots on the terrace. These spots will disappear over time due to the natural aging process.

Corrosive products

Be careful with other products that are corrosive and can thus negatively affect the lifespan of the terrace profiles. Also keep in mind the effects of these products on plants, fish...