5 Tips for colourful planter boxes

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1. Choose the right planter box

When choosing a planter box, do not go for a model that is too small. Always take a bit more spacious flower box so that there is enough space for the roots to grow. Also check the plant label to see how big the plant will be, so that you are not surprised when the plant suddenly shoots up. :-)

Make sure the planter box is made from frost-resistant material and has drainage holes. This way, the excess water can drain away easily.

What I find important in the choice of a planter box is that it fits with everything else. Think about what you already have. What shape or colour are they? It is always fun to combine different sizes from the same family.

planter box collstrop

2. Plant at the right time

It can still freeze in our country in May. You do well to wait until after the night frosts have passed and only buy and pot plants starting in mid-May. It is best not to not run to the nearest plant shop as soon as the first rays of sun come out. Your patience will be rewarded later!

3. Never go cheap on potting soil

Most potting soil suppliers bring various potting soils to the market, adapted to the plants for which they are used and with nutrients and minerals that plants absolutely need. Do not just look at the price but buy the right potting soil for your plant. You will enjoy it much longer. 

4. Leave free space for watering

When you fill the planter, ensure about 2 cm of free space for watering. After the first watering, top up the pot if needed with a few handfuls of fresh potting soil.

5. Limit plant types

Each plant has its own needs in terms of water, sunlight... You are best off not combining too many plants in one planter box. If you would like some colour contrast in your flowerpot, choose plants that require the same amount of water and sunlight.

Tip: Think about combining plants with different blooming seasons. That way, you always have a colourful plant/flower in your garden.