Collstrop production

Ever wonder why Collstrop products are so durable?
Below, we share our 7 secrets of durable garden wood.

1. Careful wood selection

The harsh climate of Northern Europe and Russia produces the best softwoods. Collstrop carefully selects its Red Nordic Pine.Exotic wood comes from sustainably managed forests in South America, Africa and Asia.

Sustainably managed forests

Collstrop requires a clear commitment from its suppliers in sustainable forest management. In addition, Collstrop is a certified company that is also authorized to sell FSC- and PEFC-labelled products.

2. Deliberate wood selection

Of all the soft wood species, pine (Red Nordic Pine) takes impregnation the best. That results in a very durable end product. Collstrop also searches for the right type of wood for the products in exotic woods, with a view to the longest possible life span.

3. Proper care

The logs are cut as close to the forest as possible, in the country of origin. Wood remains are recycled or used for paper production.

Even in this early phase of the production process, proper care for the wood is of great importance. Only with properly stacking will the wood dry evenly. That is precisely what ensures a stable end product.

Prior processing, Collstrop dries the wood in computer-controlled ovens to ±18%. That moisture content ensures a high-quality garden product.

4. Craftsmanship

In addition to the most modern, computer-controlled machines, you can also see the old wooden workbenches in the Collstrop workshop, where craftsmanship is still delivered.

5. Durable parts and fittings

Work is being done in the Collstrop workshop on double mortise-and-tenon joints, milled double girders, strong roof constructions... As a result, Collstrop products are very well constructed... Just look at the thickness of the parts used, the sturdiness of the joints or the construction technique used. In addition, many products can be tailor-made for your project in the Collstrop customization workshop.

6. Specific protection process

Simply submerging wood does not provide any protection. Only preservation under vacuum pressure can produce results. Collstrop has its own approved soaking station that impregnates carefully selected pine wood under high pressure until the wood is completely saturated with the preservative. This process is computer-controlled and in compliance with all environmental standards.

7. Well-considered installation technique

Collstrop develops products in such a way that the placement with the help of a clear manual or the knowledge of a contractor is the last simple step towards a better garden.

Time to enjoy!